The Best Beaches in Sydney: Top 5!

The Best Beaches in Sydney: Top 5!

What are the best beaches in Sydney?

When it comes to stunning beaches, Sydney has no shortage of options. Whether you're a local or a tourist, you'll find the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Here are the top 5 beaches in Sydney that you absolutely must visit:

1) Freshwater Beach

Located in the Northern Beaches area, Freshwater Beach (one of my personal favourites as a Northern Beaches local) is a hidden gem that offers a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere compared to its famous neighbour, Bondi Beach. With its golden sand, clear blue water, and stunning rock formations, Freshwater Beach is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers alike. On a calm day, you could quite easily think you were in the Med! Grab your best beach bag (ie. a Salvage beach bag...hahaha!) and enjoy a great day at the beach. There is a sand bar quite close to shore, so on a calm day, its great for the kids as its shallow for a decent way out!

Salvage Australia at Freshwater Beach Photo Credit @timseaton2107

2) Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach is a favourite among locals and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. This picturesque beach is surrounded by lush green parks, making it the perfect spot for a picnic or a barbecue. Grab a Salvage Beach Bag, pack up some goodies for lunch and spend the day relaxing! Take a dip in the ocean or explore the rock pools at low tide. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking views! The ocean pool at Bronte is spectacular, is one of the best spots in Sydney.

Salvage Australia Beach Bags Pictured - Bronte Ocean Pool with Salvage Beach Bags - The Leopard Tote and The Lobster Tote

3) Camp Cove

If you're looking for a beach with a touch of history, Camp Cove is the place to be. Located in Watsons Bay, this small and secluded beach offers stunning views of the Sydney Harbour and the city skyline. Take a walk along the promenade or go snorkelling to discover the underwater wonders of Camp Cove. It can get busy as its a small beach, but head there early to get a spot. After some beach time, there are great places for lunch at nearby Watson's Bay, grab some fish and chips at the local chippery or head to the Watsons Bay hotel for a cocktail with a spot of lunch and fabulous view!

Salvage Australia at Camp Cove

4) Palm Beach

Escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney and within a hours drive you reach Palm Beach. Known as the set location for the popular TV show "Home and Away," Palm Beach is a must-visit for fans of the series. This beautiful beach is located in the Northern Beaches area and offers a long stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. Climb up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse for panoramic views of the coastline. There are also great places for lunch, so make the day or weekend of it! 

Salvage Australia at Palm Beach

5) Little Manly

Located near Manly Beach, Little Manly is a hidden paradise, only really known by locals, offers calm waters and a peaceful atmosphere. If you happen to stumble across this little gem of a beach or you're just in the know, this beach is perfect for families with young children or those who prefer a more relaxed beach experience. Enjoy a leisurely swim or explore the nearby walking trails for a scenic adventure. You can explore the rocks around the beach, finding crabs or little jellyfish. Pack all the essentials in your Salvage beach bag and you are good to go!

Salvage Australia - Little Manly Image - Sydney Australia

So, whether you're a sun seeker, a nature lover, or a history enthusiast, Sydney's top 5 beaches have something for everyone. Grab your sunscreen, pack your beach towel, Salvage beach bag and get ready to experience the beauty of these incredible coastal gems! 

With each Salvage Beach Bag that is purchased, Salvage Australia donates 1% to the Ocean Clean Up project. We love our oceans and beaches and we hope you do too! Purchase a Salvage Beach bag and support the cause.

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